Who's this course for?

"Making the Most of the Holistic Review Process" is a course that every underrepresented minority student needs to watch! While the information provided in this course is particularly helpful to students who feel that their LSAT score or undergraduate GPA is less than ideal, even for students without that concern, using these tips can also help you get more scholarship money!!!

So enroll to learn: 

- What the holistic review process is and how common it is for schools to use it 

- What value is placed on LSAT and GPA v. other factors during a holistic review

- What tools to use to predict your odds of getting into a law school and how to know if you can utilize the holistic review to benefit you

- How to finesse your application to make sure you incorporate the sorts of information that can really benefit your greatly during a holistic review

-Tips that all 1st generation, underrepresented minority, and/or non-traditional law students need to know when applying to law school

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Making the Most of the Holistic Review Process

    • Before we begin... tell me about yourself (please complete before event)

    • Video Presentation - "Making the Most of the Holistic Review Process"

    • Student-Copy of Slides from "Making the Most of the Holistic Review" Video

    • Post-event survey...